MY-YU BUS Q&A for cruise ship passengers

The fares and timetables will change from April 2024.

  • Is it possible to purchase the tickets for the MY-YU BUS in advance?
    →They are not sold online. They must be purchased at the counter.
  • Is it possible to purchase the tickets at the port terminal?
    →No, it isn’t.
  • Where can the tickets be purchased for the MY-YU BUS?
    →At our information center and at another information center “Tosa Terrace” in front of Kochi Station. Both of them can provide support in English.
     Although not available in English, the tickets can also be purchased at the Harimayabashi Service Center (near the shuttle bus stop, No.② on the brochure map).
     *You can also purchase the tickets directly from the bus driver, but we do not recommend this to avoid problems as the driver does not speak English very well.
  • Where is the nearest MY-YU BUS stop from the port?
    →It is “Ikedori Gijutsu Gakko” (No.⑨ on the brochure map). It is about a 20-minute walk from the port.
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