SIM card・MY-YU Bus Ticket/SIM・My 遊バスチケット
SIM card・MY-YU Bus Ticket/SIM・My 遊バスチケット
  • MY-YU Bus/マイ遊バス
  • SIM card/SIMカード

〇Kochi City Tour Bus “MY-YU BUS” / 市内観光向け周遊バス「My遊バス」

We sell tickets for “My-Yu Bus,” a tour bus recommended for visiting sightseeing spots in Kochi City.

The route takes you to Kochi Station, Harimaya Bridge, Makino Botanical Garden, Chikurin-ji Temple, and Katsurahama Beach.
You can ride it as much as you want for 1,300 yen per day!
Plus, you also get a free ride on some streetcar sections and discounts at tourist facilities!
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【Fare / 料金】

・Katsurahama Ticket / 桂浜券
 Adult(ages 12 and up) / 大人(中学生以上) \1,300

 Child(ages 6 to 11) / こども \650
・Godaisan Ticket / 五台山券
 Adult(ages 12 and up) / 大人(中学生以上) \900

 Child(ages 6 to 11) / こども \450



〇SIMカード/Prepaid Data SIM 

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“Journey SIM” is a prepaid data SIM for Japan. Only APN setting, no activation, ready for use.
「Journey SIM」は日本向けのプリペイドデータSIMです。 APN設定のみ、アクティベーション不要ですぐにご利用いただけます。

・1GB/6days:¥3200(IN TAX/税込)
・Unlimited/5days:¥3800(IN TAX/税込)
・10GB/20days:¥4500(IN TAX/税込)

¥880(IN TAX/税込) 
In Japan or abroad. You can choose what you need.
A data plan fee is required in addition to the main unit price(¥880).
Check the website for details.

*Please replace and set the SIM card by yourself. To prevent troubles, we cannot help you. If you have any questions, we connect you to the customer call center that can speak foreign languages, so please let us know.